General Educational Objectives

Our International School proposes to offer pupils the advantages characterized by two education systems: those of the Anglo-saxon and Italian.

  1. To encourage the acquisition of the efficiency of the Anglo-saxon world, today a leader in
    the world of economic politics, technology and scientific research and to develop the skills
    needed to organise and plan one’s future.
  2. To not lose touch with creativity and the skills to create new solutions and be adaptable in our Italian culture, today a world leader in the arts and style and steeped in rich history, its roots descending from the world of classic and roman art.

Particular focus is given to the teaching of the following:

  • Self respect and respect for others
  • Self motivation
  • A high sense of responsibility
  • A sense of community
  • Skills to interact and mix with others in daily situations
  • To be able to use one’s skills to evaluate and analyse one’s limits and to have the ability to be able to communicate in daily situations

To acquire the above there needs to be a constant and daily interaction with the child’s social
and emotional environment, in the present and future for work and family life.

Another important point of our educational project is the focus on child centeredness,
(personality, emotions, individual learning interests, attitude, ability and potential), see
NUMAN D. 1993, The Learner centred curriculum – Cambridge University Press – a text
which highlights the concept of ‘the learner centred approach‘, and an educational principle
now consolidated at all learning levels especially in the first years of a child’s school life.

Villa Grimani International School intends:

  • TO GIVE every pupil the opportunity to communicate with different nationalities and cultures.
    through the use of the most widely used language in the world “English”. To reach this aim,
    Villa Grimani International School employs qualified and experienced native English –
    speaking teachers.
  • TO DEVELOP children intellectually, socially and physically so they may continue their
    studies and become part of the cultural and economic community.
  • TO VALUE each child’s own potential by supporting him/her through the completion of their primary and middle school.
  • TO PROMOTE knowledge of the real world through first hand experiences, where the child gradually accepts responsibility in the learning process and is given the opportunity to
    express his/her own creativity.
  • TO GUARANTEE the learning of the Italian language and history together with a solid
    feeling of international solidarity, putting Italian culture into the European and global context.
  • TO STIMULATE each pupil to widen his/her interest in all areas through school activities. To fully develop each child’s own potential.
  • TO TRANSMIT values of honesty, co-operation and mutual understanding by considering
    the school community to be a “training forum” in which these values are taught/learned.
  • TO COLLABORATE with teachers and families. To create a harmonious atmosphere within an environment that is continually evolving.
  • TO FORM future adults who are able to develop and integrate themselves in the
    international community with confidence, equipped with tolerance and values which enable
    them to deal with any obstacles they may face.


Villa Grimani International School is a learning environment that aims to offer the best of international cultural and educational opportunities.
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Our School

The Italian language lessons are taught by qualified native teachers with many years of teaching experience.
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How to Apply

Registration is possible at any time of the school year. Children may come from an Italian school, foreign or international.
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