Home work

Home work is a  fundamental part of education.

The function of age and level appropriate home work is to:

  • reinforce concepts taught in class
  • develop a child’s skill in working autonomously
  • develop a child’s organisational skill and use of leisure time
  • develop a child’s skill at verifying his own learning (during classes, under the guidance of his/her teacher, a child often shows understanding, but once alone shows insecurity and confusion, thus pushing him to discuss the matter the next day with the teacher)
  • enable a child to finish work not completed during class time
  • reinforce concepts taught in class

The presence of a child’s parent is always fundamental, nevertheless a good school can’t expect a parent to have all the answers or necessarily know how to speak English.  Therefore, the school does not intend to offload its responsibility onto parents, but invites them to discuss any problems with the teacher.

Reception homework: When the class teacher feels the children are ready she will start sending home enjoyable English and maths activities for the children to complete at home with their parents once a week from term 2. She will also send home reading scheme books for children to look at and enjoy with their parents and families.

Key Stage 1 homework: The children are given maths and spelling homework once a week, plus Italian homework.

Key Stage 2 homework: The children are given maths homework twice a week, history, geography or science study once a week, spellings once a week and Italian homework.

Middle School and High School homework: Home work is given by all subject teachers during the week however a home work sheet is available in each classroom in order for teachers to assess the quantity of work given by other colleagues and therefore to avoid over loading students. Homework is a way for teachers to check that students have understood key concepts taught at school so it is essential that homework is done although teachers will try to give minimal homework when possible.
We ask parents to encourage their children to complete all homework tasks with care. Parents should support their child but not do the homework for them.

If children do not complete set homework they will be expected to do it during play time on the day it is due in.


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