Middle School

Middle School video


The middle school timetable is established at the beginning of each academic year. However the students in middle school study the following subjects:

SUBJECT NUMBER OF CLASSES PER WEEK (each class lasts 55 mins)
English 5
Italian 6
Maths 4
Science 3
Second language (German / Spanish) 3
Geography 2
History 2
Art 2
Music 2
P.E (physical education) 2
Homework at school 1
 Technology (ICT) 3


8.00-8.30a.m: Students come into school
8.30-9.25a.m: First period
9.25-10.20a.m: Second period
10.20-11.15a.m: Third period
11.15-11.35a.m: Snack and break time
11.35-12.30p.m: Fourth period
12.30-1.25p.m: Fifth period
1.25-2.10p.m: Lunch and break time
2.10-3.05p.m: Sixth period
3.05-4.00p.m Seventh period
4.00p.m Home time

The middle school department at Villa Grimani are totally separate entities from the rest of the school-with separate entrance, timetable, lunch time and recreational area allowing students to solely mix with peers from a similar age.

All classrooms in the middle school are fully equipped with up to date technology including interactive white boards. The department also has a specially dedicated Spanish, German and music room.

The beautiful school grounds provide students with a football, basketball and volleyball court and a large grassed area in which to play.


Villa Grimani International School is a learning environment that aims to offer the best of international cultural and educational opportunities.
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Our School

The Italian language lessons are taught by qualified native teachers with many years of teaching experience.
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How to Apply

Registration is possible at any time of the school year. Children may come from an Italian school, foreign or international.
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